NetApp compliance solutions protect data with nondisruptive, comprehensive encryption and retention of data at rest.

    NetApp offers a comprehensive set of standards-based, simple-to-use, and cost-effective compliance solutions to hundreds of enterprises worldwide. NetApp? compliance solutions can help you meet stringent regulations—in the data center, remote offices, and the cloud.

    NetApp ONTAP? data management software comes with robust authorization, access control, and logging capabilities. Our industry-leading, data-at-rest encryption and immutability provide you with advanced solutions to comply with data privacy regulations. SnapLock? software helps you meet data retention regulations, such as SEC Rule 17 a-4, by creating write once, read many (WORM) volumes.

    StorageGRID??safeguards data transactions with secure-socket layer (SSL) endpoints, as well as encryption for data at rest, and supports read-only storage node access (WORM).

    Secure your intellectual property and confidential information, comply with industry and government regulations, and preserve your reputation by avoiding a publicized data security breach.